What kind of music does Perry listen to?

I've got a flight back to Boston booked for this evening.

I've been living in Milan for ten years.

Even though she was trying to hide it, I could hear desperation in Alan's voice.

Your mother must have been very disappointed.

One day he helped a weak turtle.


That wouldn't be too difficult to do.

They didn't find us.

Let him come aboard.

Will people make fun of me?

Knudsen came to Japan from Australia.

Add salt and baking soda to the water.

He went home yesterday.

You must let me in.

The air conditioner is out of order.

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Promise you won't tell him.

I want you to help me get out of here.

I assume you still enjoy drinking beer.

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I have a deadline to meet.

Masanobu is one of the most disagreeable people I know.

It's an area where winds gust at over eighty miles an hour.

Give Roy a kiss.

A casual remark can hurt someone.

Portuguese is beautiful but not easy.

You are way too intelligent to think you'd be smarter than me.

Oh well.

Would you please send me details of your products via e-mail as an attachment?


Daniel had the wrong address.


So it is essential that you take the attitude of looking up yourself the information you feel necessary.

It's do or die now.

I'm sure it was an accident.

"No one even suspects our intimacy," said the secretary provocatively to her boss.

I felt like an outcast among those people.

Carl is at a loss about what to say to him.

She advised him not to go there by himself.

I was told you were the one who came up with the idea.

I had a good dinner at his expense.

Thank you for your advice.

Can you find your way all right?

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I need some wholemeal bread.


That's what all this is about, isn't it?

He doesn't smoke and he doesn't drink vodka.

The test says I was a king in my previous life.


I feel the same way about you.


You two look like you're in love.

Fill out this registration card, please.

The cochlea implant is a technically ingenious device.

Boston is a very beautiful city.

Loren will wait.

We've known this for some time.

He is a man of moderate opinions.


Jem isn't Lyndon's woman.

Today, I turn twenty-five years old.

I had a small dinner party last weekend.

How much is this sofa?

She's grown quite thin since the last time I've seen her. I wonder if she's sick or something.


This road is full of sharp turns.

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When you talk to others, you're doing it with your arms crossed.


We all knew Real wasn't bluffing.

I've been on my feet for three days.

The Internet is a series of tubes.


I hid in the woods all day.

Is she a real blonde?

What are the pros and cons of hitchhiking?


Who bought you this?

Fear has magnifying eyes.

I was wondering if I could sleep over at Kate's tonight.

I know everything about you.

I won't tell anyone about you.

I've got to be more careful.

Harold doesn't understand that.


He was raised in the States, but his mother tongue is Japanese.

You'll think of something else eventually.

The chances are that he will succeed.

Men are better at this than women.

Is Ernest really that clueless?

I do not think we can prolong this debate.

What time do you usually wake up?


I don't blame you for not wanting to go.

Einstein loved playing the violin.

He concealed the fact from me.

Who's your favorite character in this book?

We want to see them.

He only listens to rock bands from the fifties.

We have been to Tokyo many times.

My apartment is located a five minute walk away from the station.

Either of my parents must go to the meeting.


Noam seems to know how.


I'm releasing the prisoners.


They adapted to life abroad rather well.

I'm a total loser.

Let's begin with the first chapter.

There will always be some kind of problem.

Eric and Kelly are playing poker.

What are you eyeing?

In November of 1963, Valentina Tereshkova married Andrian Nikolayev. He was also a cosmonaut. Their daughter, Elena, was born in 1964.


Johan has indeed found something interesting.

You can borrow my car anytime.

Do you really need to hurry up?

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I want to clarify in further research to what extent the conclusions of this paper can be generalized.

It was just two weeks ago that Ken came to see me.

You know where I live.

The government is on the nose after making a series of unpopular decisions.

Why should we not love our own wives? We do love other people's wives.

Dan knocked down Matt with a kick in the face.

Let's not go if it's raining.


Dick is sometimes late for school.

I've always believed that.

I remained undaunted as soon as I heard the news.

Do you want to go watch a ball game?

There was no way he could not go to that party.

I should like to introduce to you the gentleman I spoke of the other day.

Drew has been spending a lot of money on clothes.

She didn't want him to go overseas.

Soon the sound died away.

She practices the piano in the afternoon or in the evening.

I hope you behaved well at school today.

Maarten just asked me to take your temperature.

Many of us are hungry.

I answered for him.

Germans value a strong social welfare state.

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Mac is having trouble dealing with the pain.


I shave my beard every morning.

What else do you like?

If you treat him fairly, he will be fair with you.

The plot develops rapidly.

Where did you meet my father?

Don't dwell too much upon the subject.

Anne and I were lucky to escape.


He got 90% in English.

Let's go by car.

We want to learn some Spanish songs.


The future depends on us and our generation.


Being lucky, he was in time for the train.


What did you do on the weekend?

Father reached his office later than usual this morning.

The thick fog prevented the plane from taking off.


Sometimes, you think too much.


Everyone has been there.


Who is this man?

I think it's funny.

I have to get the laundry dried.


He has dark hair and dark eyes.

Perry certainly fooled us all.

I think I should ask Marlena what he thinks.

We don't know what the next day will bring.

Serdar has practiced medicine here for thirty years.

I told Sal how to get to Bert's house.

Ask me again and I'll tell you the same thing.


What are we eating for dinner?


How long was Steven here yesterday?

Among the people of the colonies suffering under Earth's tyranny a force emerges intending to overthrow the status quo through terrorism.

You didn't understand the question, did you?

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My class was canceled.

The old man started to laugh sadly.

I can teach you how to read.

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It might happen sooner than we anticipated.

Naoki is as old as Kaori.

I'll make sure all of your things get sent to you.

The results of the term examination were anything but satisfactory.

What lovely flowers these are!

I can only watch up to ten minutes of any television show.

The fence was not high enough to keep the wolves out.